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A well designed facade often defines the character of a building. It’s the first impression, it provides an identity, and is often the most important aspect from a design point of view as it sets the tone for the rest of the building.

Below we show you six outstanding facades that have established their own unique personality within the built environment using Sculptform products like Click-on Battens.

Wallan Veterinary Hospital

The facade of this amazing project is by far its most recognisable feature, and the identity it creates in its suburban location allows for minimal signage to be used.

Using 32x42mm battens in Spotted Gum, the entire building is given an understated yet intriguing aesthetic.

Sculptform Wallan Vet Hospital

Wallan Veterinary Hospital | Architect - Crosshatch | Photographer - Jaime Diaz-Berrio

Moving House

Like Wallan Veterinary Hospital, the facade of Moving House creates a unique identity for the project. The aluminium battens powder coated in satin white, create an outer shell for the structure and compliment the concrete used throughout.

The facade plays with the eye, appearing as a solid cube from certain angles and as a screen from others. This level of dynamism shows an architectural flair and gives a sense of movement to the project.

Sculptform Moving House

Moving House | Architect - Architects EAT | Photographer - Derek Swalwell

James Cook University

Designed by Hassell Brisbane, The Science Place at James Cook University is an example of a traditional feature facade elevated through smart design. Utilising sustainable Spotted Gum 32×60 battens, the huge facade matches the colour palette of the exterior perfectly.

The visual appeal is not limited to the exterior, with the interior side of the facade used as a screen for an outdoor seating area.

SCulptform JCU

James Cook University | Architect - Hassell Brisbane | Photographer - Andrew Rankin

Middle Park Canterbury

This residential project designed by Architecton uses powder coated aluminium battens to create a feature facade on the rear of the property.

This facade seamlessly integrates a large window penetration into the system, allowing the hatch doors to reveal the window when open or to completely disappear into the screen when closed.

Architect – Architecton | Photographer – Jack Lovel

Sculptform Middle Park House
Sculptform Middle Park House

The Residences

This residential project located in Docklands, Melbourne uses both Click-on Battens and Tongue and Groove Cladding in Spotted Gum battens to create a beautiful facade.

The colour palette of Spotted Gum helps the project immediately stand out from the urban surroundings and the colour variation in the timber provides a natural aesthetic.

Sculptform The residences

The Residences | Architect - Bates Smart Melbourne | Photographer - Peter Clarke

Summer Hill Flour Mill

This project in the Flour Mill precinct of Summer Hill uses aluminium battens to provide linear textures to the facade of the building.

The use of aluminium battens is a clever way to meet fire certification requirements, as the material is always deemed to satisfy Group 1 ratings. The copper powder coat finish gives the appearance of traditional timber cladding while still providing the strength and robust properties of aluminium.

Architect – HASSELL Sydney | Photographer – Guy Wilkinson

Sculptform Summer Hill Flower Mill
Sculptform Summer Hill Flower Mill