Timber Click-on Battens Tech Info

This page includes comprehensive technical information on our Timber Click-on Battens system. To find specific data, use the menu on the right.


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Typical Wall Setup

Sculptform - typical wall setup

Typical Suspended Ceiling Setup

Sculptform - suspended ceiling

Suspended ceiling configuration requirements
Click-on Batten Weight Mounting Track Spacing TCR Spacing
<9.2 kg/m² Timber batten: 600mm
Aluminium batten: 1200mm
9.2 – 18.3 kg/m² Timber batten: 600mm
Aluminium batten: 600mm
18.3 – 36.6 kg/m² Timber batten: 600mm
Aluminium batten: 600mm
Please note:

If the Click-on battens weight is over 36.6kg per square metre, please contact Sculptform.
Your Click-on batten weight can be ascertained on our Price & Spec tool.

Curved Walls


Curved walls are simple with the Click-on Batten system due to the specially designed curving mounting track. Depending on the width of the batten used, different minimum radii can be achieved (see below).

Batten Width Minimum Convex Radius Minimum Concave Radius
22mm 300mm 400mm
32mm 300mm 400mm
42mm 300mm 600mm
60mm 500mm 1200mm


Example Specification

Use the following table as a guide when creating your specification for Sculptform Click-on Battens. The details on this page will guide you through the range of species, coatings and profile sizes we have available. Our online Price & Spec tool can also create your complete specification and provide you with pricing in minutes.

Product Name Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Timber – Spotted Gum
Batten Coating Clear Poly
Batten Size (s) 32×60, 32×32, 42x19mm
Sequence 32×60, 32×32, 42×19 repeating
Spacing between battens 15mm
Mounting Track Type Standard
Mounting Track Colour Black
Acoustic Backing Black
Profiles and Sizes
Click-on Battens are available in the following sizes in Block, Flute and Dome profiles. For larger projects, custom sizes and profiles can be created. Contact us on 1800 008 828 for more information.

Sculptform Click-on Batten Block profiles



Sculptform Click-on Batten Dome profiles

*32x19mm, 42x32mm and 60x32mm profiles not available in Banjo Pine.



Sculptform Click-on Batten Flute profiles

*32x19mm, 42x19mm and 60x19mm profiles not available in Banjo Pine.


Species and Coatings

Please note - Timber is a natural material and colour variations are inevitable. We’ve prepared an article to help you understand how it all works - you can read it here.

For help choosing the right timber coating for your application, read our detailed guide here. 

Colours are reproduced as accurately as possible, we recommend that you request product samples before final selection. Whilst our products are produced as consistently as possible, each species has their own natural variations of colour, features and characteristics. Product samples may or may not fully reflect the colour variation that will occur on the project.

Interior only Interior / exterior
Sculptform Spotted Gum Raw Spotted Gum

Interior / exterior
Sculptform Spotted Gum Raw Raw
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Spotted Gum Clear Oil Clear Oil
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Spotted Gum Ultraclear Ultraclear Enviropro
Interior / exterior
modern suspended ceiling Light Oak Enviropro
Interior Only
facade architecture Clear Poly
Sculptform Blackbutt Raw Blackbutt

Interior / exterior
Sculptform Blackbutt Raw Raw
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Blackbutt Clear Oil Clear Oil
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Blackbutt Ultraclear Enviropro Ultraclear Enviropro
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Blackbutt Light Oak Light Oak Enviropro
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Blackbutt Ebony Ebony Enviropro
Interior Only
Wood Cladding Clear Poly
Interior Only
Internal Cladding Ebony Poly
Sculptform White Oak Raw White Oak

Interior Only
Sculptform White Oak Raw Raw
Interior Only
spotted gum cladding Clear Poly
Interior Only
timber feature wall Whitewash Poly
Interior Only
soffit ceiling Mid Grey Poly
Interior Only
soffit ceiling Storm Poly
Interior Only
soffit ceiling Ebony Poly
Sculptform Vic Ash Raw Vic Ash

Interior Only
Sculptform Vic Ash Raw Raw
Interior Only
facade architecture Clear Poly
Interior Only
spotted gum cladding Whitewash Poly
Interior Only
facade architecture Storm Poly
Interior Only
facade architecture Ebony Poly
Sculptform Pacific Teak Raw Pacific Teak

Interior / exterior
Sculptform Pacific Teak Raw Raw
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Pacific Teak Clear Oil Clear Oil
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Pacific Teak Enviropro Light Oak Light Oak Enviropro
Interior / exterior
Sculptform Pacific Teak Ebony Ebony Enviropro
Sculptform Banjo Pine Raw Banjo Pine

Interior Only
Sculptform Banjo Pine Raw Raw
Interior Only
Shiplap Cladding Clear Poly
Interior Only
Internal Cladding Whitewash Poly
Timber Species Usage

All timbers recommended for exterior use are Durability Class 1 (AS 5604), ensuring peace of mind that the timber will remain durable for a minimum of 40 years.

Timber Species Interior Use Exterior Use
Spotted Gum Yes Yes
Blackbutt Yes Yes
White Oak Yes
Vic Ash Yes
Pacific Teak Yes Yes
Banjo Pine Yes
Batten Weights
Species Density
Banjo Pine 530kg/m³
Blackbutt 880kg/m³
Burnt Ash 600-700kg/m³
Pacific Teak 800kg/m³
Spotted Gum 990kg/m³
Vic Ash 660kg/m³
White Oak 755kg/m³
Sustainable Timber Certification
Timber Species FSC® PEFC® / Responsible Wood®
Spotted Gum Not Available On Request
Blackbutt Not Available On Request (selected sizes only)
White Oak On Request Not Available
Vic Ash Not Available On Request
Burnt Ash On Request Not Available
Pacific Teak Not Available Not Available
Banjo Pine On Request On Request

* FSC and PEFC timber may have longer lead times. 

Download FSC Certificate   Download PEFC Certificate

Read more about timber certification in our article ‘Why use Sustainable Timber?

Mounting Track Types
Mounting track is available in four different options, each suiting a particular application.

Standard mounting track

Standard Track

45mm wide x 25mm deep

Suitable for interior and exterior applications. Features a specially designed groove for acoustic backing.

Note: Screw fixing to suit substrate not supplied by Sculptform. Recommended screw fixing centres: 600mm Interior / 450mm Exterior


Exterior mounting track

Slim Track

25mm wide x 25mm deep

Designed for exterior applications when no acoustic backing is required. Streamlined for water drainage with a sleek look. Can also be used for interiors when no acoustic backing is required.

Note: Screw fixing to suit substrate not supplied by Sculptform. 10g x 50-75mm countersunk head screw required. Recommended screw fixing centres: 600mm Interior / 450mm Exterior


Curving track

Curving Track

45mm wide x 17mm deep

Supplied to site flexible and used to curve around the existing form.

Note: Screw fixing to suit substrate not supplied by Sculptform. Recommended screw fixing centres: 300mm Interior / 200mm Exterior

Suspended ceiling mounting track

Suspended Ceiling Track

45mm wide x 34mm deep

Only suitable for suspended ceilings. Hangers and TRC not included. Designed to snap into standard suspended ceiling systems and replaces the furring channel.

Note: Screw fixing to suit substrate not supplied by Sculptform. Suspended ceiling system not provided by Sculptform.

Acoustic Backing

Acoustic backing panels can be incorporated into the system to not only be a great acoustic solution but also replaces the need to plaster and paint a wall or ceiling behind the battens, saving time and money. Download our data sheet here for more info.

If a Group 1 fire rating is required for a project, we offer a compliant acoustic backing option. Contact us for more details. 

Available Colours Standard Sheet Size Thickness Acoustic Properties
588 x 2440mm
(to suit 600mm mounting track spacing)1188 x 2440mm
(to suit 1200mm mounting track spacing)
7mm NRC 0.4 (when using 90mm air cavity)

*To see the acoustic performance of a specific design, use our Price & Spec tool.


Direct Fix Clip

When battens are required to be fixed individually without a mounting track, this direct fix clip allows this versatility by directly screwing to the substrate.


Suspended Ceiling Services

Services which integrate into our suspended ceiling system must not exceed 3kg/m². Weights of over 3kg/m² must be self-supporting.

Learn more about how to detail integrated lighting into our Click-on Battens system in our guide here. 

Swivel Clip

Our Swivel Clip can be used to fix battens at any desired angle.

Sculptform Click-on Batten Swivel Clip

Batten Removal and Replacement

A feature of the Click-on battens system is the ability to quickly and easily remove any batten on a wall or ceiling using a specially designed tool provided by Sculptform. The batten removability feature is designed to be used to replace damaged battens or to allow emergency access behind the battens. If access is required on a regular basis, Sculptform recommends our access hatch solution.

If batten removability is a requirement, please consider the following:

  • To allow for batten removability on suspended ceilings, battens must be joined on a clip without the use of the batten joiner.
  • Battens can only be removed on sequences which have at least 5mm spacing between battens.
  • The removal tool is designed to apply pressure to the inside of the track and will not leave any visible marks.

For full instructions on our removal tool, download our manual below.

Click-on Battens manual


Fire Compliance
Group Rating

All untreated timber achieves a Group 3 rating according to the requirements of AS/NZS 3837-1998 and AS 5637.1-2015 for use as wall and ceiling linings, as per NCC 2019 (Volume 1).

Download Report

Timber Species – AS/NZS 3837-1998



Timber is deemed combustible under AS 1530.1-1994.

If your project requires a non-combustible material please refer to our aluminium range.


BAL Rating

Each timber species achieves different BAL ratings according to AS 3959-2009 as outlined below –

Timber Species Bal Rating
Banjo Pine 19
Blackbutt 29
Burnt Ash Not Compliant
Pacific Teak 19
Spotted Gum 29
Vic Ash Not Compliant
White Oak 19



Durability is an important factor when using timber externally. Each species of timber falls into one of the following durability classes. These classes relate to above ground durability as per AS 5604: 2005.

Timber Species Durability Class – Life Expectancy Usage
Banjo Pine Class 4 – Less than 7 years Interior Only
Blackbutt Class 1 – Greater than 40 years Interior / Exterior
Burnt Ash Class 1 – Greater than 40 years Interior / Exterior
Pacific Teak Class 1 – Greater than 40 years Interior / Exterior
Spotted Gum Class 1 – Greater than 40 years Interior / Exterior
Vic Ash Class 3 – 7 to 15 years Interior Only
White Oak Class 3 – 7 to 15 years Interior Only
Interior Applications

Interior timber typically does not need maintenance. It is important to regularly check timber which is exposed to UV radiation through windows etc, as this can lead to yellowing of the coating. Re-coating may be required.


Exterior Applications

The level of maintenance required on external timber largely depends on the degree of exposure, location, coating selection and desired aesthetic. Sculptform offers the following coating options factory applied as standard –

  • Clear Oil (Cutek CD50 Clear Oil)

When timber is not exposed to direct sunlight (for example exterior soffits), Clear oil maintains the timbers natural colour. When timber is exposed to sunlight, using Clear Oil will allow the timber to silver unless additional pigment is used to tint the clear oil. Sculptform recommends re-coating these applications every 12-18 months.

  • Enviropro Exterior Coatings

When Enviropro exterior coatings are used on timber which is not exposed to direct sunlight, it typically will not require maintenance. Sculptform still recommends annual inspections to check the integrity of the coating.

Enviropro coatings are designed to maintain timber colour and prevent silvering, even in areas which are exposed to direct sunlight and UV radiation. To keep the timber pristine, Sculptform recommends re-coating every 2-4 years. The rate of coating deterioration varies, so 6 monthly visual inspections should be carried out to identify any deterioration of the coating and areas for re-coating.

External Corners and In-fills
Wrap around external corners require the use of a specifically designed corner clip which simply clicks into a mitred mounting track corner.

Sculptform - external corner

A) Corner In-fill
B) Mounting Track
C) Batten Clip
D) Corner Clip
E) Feature Batten

Sculptform - external corner

A) Feature Batten
B) Corner Clip
C) Corner In-fill Options
D) Mitred Mounting Track


Infill Sizes

In-fills are available in a range of sizes to fit any batten profile (see below).

Batten Size Suggested Infill size
22x42mm Block 42x42mm DAR (Dressed All Round)
42x42mm Block 42x42mm DAR
32x32mm Block 32x32mm DAR
32x19mm Block 19x19mm DAR
60x19mm Block 19x19mm DAR
32x60mm Block 60x60mm DAR (interior applications only)
32x32mm Flute 32×32 Flute
60x32mm Flute 32x32mm Flute
42x32mm Dome 32x32mm Dome
60x32mm Dome 32x32mm Dome


Length Options
Timber battens are available in a range of length options to suit on-site needs
Random Lengths

Random Length is the most common form of timber supply. It typically is a length spread from 0.9m – 3.6m with an average of 2.4m. It is generally the most cost-effective way of procuring timber. Random length is what is supplied unless specified otherwise. All battens are supplied end matched and must span across two clips. Battens are joined with our Sculptform Batten Joiner.


Set Lengths

Set length is used where a quantity of the same lengths are required for your project. Sculptform can offer set lengths between 0.9m and 3.6m. Set lengths are always supplied slightly over length to allow for onsite trimming. Sculptform charge a ‘Set Length Surcharge’ for this service.


Exact Length

Cut to exact length is similar to the ‘Set Length’ option, but with trimming to an accuracy of ±1mm. There is an additional fee ontop of the ‘Set Length Surcharge’ for this service. Accurate onsite measure required to prevent issues with uneven walls and ceilings.



Cut to Increment

Boards are docked to increments of 450mm or 600mm. Battens need to be joined randomly for visual appeal.


Access Panels
Our batten system allows several options when dealing with access requirements. These methods are similar for solid timber battens and aluminium battens. Battens are usually cut on site to ensure the required panel dimensions. Timber and aluminium battens require different cutting techniques and it is important to use the correct equipment and blades.
Pivot Hatch

Pivot hatches are supplied as a kit and assembled on site. Please consider:

  • Clearance is required for upward movement. Allow 200mm clearance above the panel
  • Typically 1-3mm gap in the batten ends
  • Length options available are 600mm and 1200mm.
  • Battens can be cut to any width on site up to 1200mm. Beyond 1200mm, consult Sculptform directly.


Sculptform - pivot hatch

Drop-in Hatch

The drop-in hatch is the simplest solution to providing access. Please consider:

  • This hatch type is built on site at the locations required.
  • Drop-in hatches can be built any size up to 1200x1200mm.
  • Stainless spring is removed on last clip.


Sculptform - drop-in hatch


Hidden Doors

When creating a hidden door for a project our batten system allows for several options depending on the requirement. From concealed fix doors, hinged doors to bi-fold doors we are sure to have a solution for you. To find out more information and download drawings see our blog ‘How to seamlessly detail a concealed door’.

For assistance in detailing your project-specific applications, contact us to speak to one of our experts.

Integrated Lighting

The flexibility of the Click-on battens system allows lighting to be integrated quickly and easily. Detailing examples in PDF and DWG formats for the following lighting options are available in our guide – How to detail integrated lighting.

  • Down and can lights
  • Inlaid lights
  • Linear lights
  • Cove lights



End Junction Options
In most applications of Click-on Battens, installers are faced with a junction; Usually a corner, or coming up to a window or door. Below are two methods of installation.
Angle Bracket

A) Feature batten
B) Mounting track
To be checked out to accommodate angle
C) 25 x 40 x 3mm aluminium angle
Finish can be powder coated or anodised to your preference
D) Wall substrate


DAR Endstop


A) Feature batten
B) Mounting track
C) Custom timber endstop
D) Wall substrate


End matching
End matching is a small tongue and groove profile on the ends of the battens. When engaged, these profiles help to maintain batten alignment at the butt joins. If your battens are cut to increment, cut the tongue off the first batten where butting to a wall, or the ends will be visible.



A) Mounting track
B) Batten joiner (see below)
C) Endmatching profile



A) Mounting track
B) Batten Joiner (see below)
C) Endmatching Profile

Batten Joiner

Where timber battens are supplied random length and need to be joined off a clip, the batten joiner needs to be used. This accessory is designed to be used in conjunction with endmatching to provide strong joins between battens off a clip.

Sculptform - batten joiner

Mounting Track Joiner

The Mounting Track Joiner is used to align the tracks at end-to-end joins and uses a simple push-fit connection. This joiner is only used with Ceiling Mounting Track.


BIM / CAD Files

The BIM and CAD files for Sculptform’s Click-on Battens including Revit and AutoCad files can be accessed in our downloads section.

View Files 

Base Detail

For vertical batten applications, the method shown in this detail will prevent slippage.


Anti-slip Detail

Where the aluminium base angle is not being used, it is recommended that a small screw be inserted into the back of the batten to serve as an anti-slip measure.

Sculptform click on battens anti-slip detail

Maximum Cantilever

The last mounting track should be no more than 100mm from the end of the battens when spacing between the battens is under 20mm. For sequences with spacing over 20mm, a maximum cantilever of 300mm is acceptable when using timber battens.