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Free Standing Screens

Create amazing screens with timber or aluminium

Traditionally screens have been difficult to integrate into a project without the use of unsightly fixings to combat the natural movement of the battens. We are experts in working with timber, which means that we understand how to use our proprietary systems to best account for this movement.

With this in mind, we have adapted our popular batten system to allow for beautiful timber and aluminium screens which prevent unwanted movement and use completely hidden fixings.

How it works

The fixing method for our screens is simple. Top and bottom aluminium tracks use mortice and tenon connections to hold the battens in place and come with all components prefixed to the desired spacing. The entire track can be powder coated or anodised to the desired finish. With these tracks installed, the battens are then pushed into place quickly and easily.

This connection results in hidden fixings while providing a ‘floating’ look and neat shadow gaps to the top and bottom of the battens. To minimise the visible fixings even further, the tenons can be fixed directly to the floor and ceiling without the top and bottom tracks. For larger spans, a mid support rod (detailed below) is available as an extra fixing.

Due to the minimal fixings used, this screen solution is only suitable for internal applications. 


Sculptform Free Standing Screens


We offer a range of profiles in either timber or aluminium to meet the required design intent. We love a challenge, so if you have a project-specific profile in mind, contact us to speak to one of our passionate consultants.

A range of species, coating and finishing options are available for both timber or aluminium. If a Group 1 fire rating is required, any aluminium finish is acceptable. 

See timber species and coatings    See Aluminium finishes


Sculptform Free Standing Screens Timber Profiles

*32x138mm profile only available in Vic Ash and Burnt Pine, 42x138mm profile only available in Vic Ash. 

**42x60mm and 42x88mm profiles not available in Burnt Pine. 



Sculptform Free Standing Screens Aluminium Profiles



Timber battens

While designers love timber for its warm look and variation in colour, it’s also known to have issues with movement. As a natural material, timber expands and contracts due to moisture levels in its environment. Screening applications are particularly vulnerable to movement, with the small number of fixings holding the timber in place.

Larger battens will be more resistant to movement and require fewer fixings.

In order to account for the inevitable movement of timber, we recommend the following maximum spans between fixings for interior timber screens to keep the batten straight. Greater spans can be achieved to meet project-specific requirements, contact us to discuss with one of our consultants.

When calculating the required fixings for a screen, the top and bottom tracks, along with the mid-support rod (see below) are suitable fixings. 

Spans between fixings
Species Timber Batten Size
32x60mm 32x88mm 32x138mm 42x60mm 42x88mm 42x138mm
Blackbutt 1.5m 1.5m N/A 1.5m 1.5m N/A
Burnt Pine 1.5m 1.5m 3.0m N/A N/A N/A
Spotted Gum 1.5m 1.5m N/A 1.5m 1.5m N/A
Vic Ash 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m 3.0m
White Oak 1.5m 1.5m  N/A 1.5m 1.5m N/A


Aluminium battens

For applications where the required size of the screen is not possible with traditional timber battens, a viable alternative is to use our wrapped aluminium range.

Real Timber Veneer or Wood Finish Aluminium battens can be used in the place of timber battens, allowing much greater lengths and spans between fixings.

With lengths up to 6.2 metres available and up to 6 metres between fixings, large scale screens can be specified and installed quickly.

Spans between fixings
Aluminium Batten Size Maximum Span
25x50mm 3.0m
25x100mm 3.0m
50x50mm 4.5m
50x100mm 4.5m
50x150mm 6.0m
50x200mm 6.0m

Lengths available

Each species of timber has a maximum length available, as the particular tree only grows to a certain size. These lengths set the maximum height achievable with a timber screen. For applications requiring longer lengths our wrapped aluminium range is a better option, with up to 6m lengths available.

Species/Material Maximum Lengths
Blackbutt 3.6m
Burnt Pine 4.2m
Spotted Gum 3.6m
Vic Ash 4.2m
White Oak 3.6m
Aluminium 6.0m


Mid-support Rod System

For applications which require a large distance between fixings, a threaded rod and spacers can be used as an extra fixing point. The rod runs through pre-drilled holes and uses spacer sleeves to help prevent movement and keep the battens straight. This extra fixing is provided by Sculptform and included in all pricing for screens.

When calculating the span between fixings with the tables above, please note the rod is included as a fixing. 

Sculptform Free Standing Screens

Download Drawings

Download DWG and PDF packages of our timber or aluminium screen solutions below.

Sculptform timber screenSculptform aluminium screen

Timber Screen Drawings        Aluminium Screen Drawings

Example Screen Specification
Product Sculptform Free Standing Screen
Material Timber
Species Spotted gum
Coating Clear Poly
Batten Size 32x88mm
Batten Spacing 100mm
Notes Fixings as per manufacturers specifications
Sculptform Free Standing Screens
Sculptform Free Standing Screens

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