Sculptform Dandenong Mental Health

Dandenong Mental Health

Dandenong Mental health was designed as a joint venture between Bates Smart and Group GSA, with the end result setting a new standard for mental health facilities in Australia.


Tongue and Groove Cladding


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Timber Cladding Walls

A material fit for purpose

Over 50km of Tongue & Groove Cladding was produced for Dandenong Mental Health, all in Blackbutt Timber. Blackbutt was chosen for its durability, being a class 1 timber, which makes it perfect for minimising maintenance on external areas.

The timber cladding also allows the project to blend into its suburban surrounds, rather than disturbing the domestic environment.

“The good thing about the timber was that it could also blend in with the domestic character of the buildings around it, so it met the planning outcome of fitting this building into its domestic environment, making the people within the building feel good, and to extend architecture’s capacity to create environments that are good for people.”

Kristen Whittle, Design Director

Bates Smart

Sculptform Dandenong Mental Health

Biophilic design

Natural materials like timber provide more than just aesthetics to health projects. The use of natural materials like timber, and including features like plants into a space can have drastic positive effects on the inhabitants of a building.

Learn more about Biophilic design.

“If you put someone into a concrete box and asked them how they were feeling – or measured how they were feeling – and then put them into a garden courtyard with timber, plants and trees you’d get a completely different response.”

Kristen Whittle, Design Director

Bates Smart

Sculptform Click-on Battens Blackbutt
Sculptform Dandenong Mental Health

Advantages of the system

Tongue & Groove Cladding was used extensively on Dandenong Mental Health, and designers and installers alike loved the refined nature of the system. The 138x19mm boards create a texture both internally and externally which gives character to the project. The timber has since been allowed to weather, providing a natural aesthetic to the whole centre.

The installers of this project were Casello, who have since become a Sculptform Partner Installer. Partner Installers are experienced contractors who know how to install our products quickly and effectively. Choose a Partner Installer for your next project here. 

Specification Information
Product Sculptform Tongue & Groove Cladding
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Size 138x19mm
Profile Sorrento
Coating Clear Oil

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timber feature wall

Soffits like this at Dandenong Mental Health weather at a different rate due to much less exposure to UV.

Sculptform Dandenong Mental Health
Sculptform Dandenong Mental Health

Project Summary


Bates Smart and Group GSA

Completion Date





Dandenong, VIC


John Gollings



modern suspended ceiling

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