Sculptform Melbourne Jet Base

Melbourne Jet Base

The lounge area at Melbourne Jet Base uses Blackbutt timber Click-on Battens to create an authentically Australian atmosphere.

Australia’s newest and most luxurious private airport terminal, Melbourne Jet Base offers everything you could need, from CBD helicopter transfers to a hanger space for your private jet.

Cox Architecture designed Melbourne Jet Base to embody the high-class lifestyle of its clientele. Hidden from the public in Tullamarine, the base allows a luxury option for those who want to travel in style.


Click-on Battens


Blackbutt Powder coated Aluminium
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Sculptform Melbourne Jet Base

Every luxury you can think of

The base itself has everything a luxury private airport needs, including –

  • two full-length runways and hangars allowing 24 Hour access
  • it’s own customs screening facilities offering “respectful customs and quarantine processing”, even allowing patrons to be screened on their own jets
  • Hotel style suites allow weary travellers and even pilots to refresh in style, offering facilities which rival a five-star hotel.
Sculptform Melbourne Jet Base

The Sculptform Effect

Melbourne Jet Base uses Click-on Battens to create the timber feature wall and ceiling which wraps around the lounge area. Cox Architecture wanted to showcase the Australian environment and culture, using Australian native timber Blackbutt to provide a warm natural aesthetic. Custom profile curved battens were used to create sculpted effects, joining the batten walls and ceilings into one singluar form.

Black Satin powder coated aluminium battens were also used on a ceiling area, creating a sleek linear look to match the high-class setting of the project.


Sculptform Melbourne Jet Base
Specification Details - Lounge area timber walls and ceilings
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Timber
Species Blackbutt
Profile 32x60mm Block
Spacing 40mm
Coating Clear Oil
Mounting Track Standard
Acoustic Backing Yes
Sculptform Melbourne Jet Base
Sculptform Melbourne Jet Base
Sculptform Melbourne Jet Base
Specification Details - Lounge area aluminium ceiling
Product Sculptform Click-on Battens
Material Aluminium
Coating Powdercoat - Dulux Satin Black
Profile 25x88mm Block
Spacing 100mm
Mounting Track Standard
Acoustic Backing Yes
Sculptform Melbourne Jet Base

Project Summary


Cox Architecture

Completion Date



Hutchinson Builders


Tullamarine, VIC


Peter Clarke



modern suspended ceiling

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