Sculptform Yakisugi

Sculptform loves unique ways of using timber. From our timber veneered aluminium range to our Tongue and Groove Cladding profiles, we have a history of embracing unique timber looks.

Our new Yakisugi Charred Cladding range combines our the ancient Japanese art of Ýakisugi (or Shou Sugi Ban) and our unique multi-depth Tongue and Groove System. Yakisugi translates to ‘grilled cedar’, and is a term used to describe the charring of cladding in Japan.

Although other manufacturers are providing Shou Sugi Ban cladding, Sculptform has a unique twist on this traditional method. Fantastic feature walls can be created using a combination of the eye-catching charred effect along with our range of cladding profiles and sequence options.

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Sculptform Yakisugi

Pictured is the feature wall in our office, using different cladding depths with Yakisugi Charred Cladding. The result is an intricate 3D effect, emphasised by the visual and physical texture of the timber.

The process of manufacturing our Yakisugi Charred Cladding is simple, but attention to detail is paramount to creating a quality product.